Grenada: LaSource by Sophia Kulich

We just returned from all-inclusive resort in Grenada, LaSource. We enjoyed it very much. In addition to all features that all other a/i offer, LS includes spa treatments and health program. We especially liked relaxation techniques, stress management, tai-chi, Japanese meditation and yoga. The guy who does it is, Jean Pierre is superb and he is somewhat a healer.

Grenada's people are very friendly. As soon we got from the airplane, we were met by the sounds of the local band. Also, tourist reps were giving away little souvenirs and info on the island. They had tourism awareness month, and try to attract tourists, especially Americans. The majority of the tourists are from Europe, mostly British. BA flies directly from LON. AA has one flight per day from SJU, and BWIA fly from MIA. We flew from JFK to SJU and from there to GND.

After customs we were greeted by LaSource rep. We were whisked, no less - to white stretch limo along with 3 other people and in 5 minutes we were at the LS entrance.

The grounds (40 hilly acres) are gorgeous, and resort will be one year old in Dec. The work is still continued on landscaping, and they will build gazebo up in the mountains for meditation. The architecture and decor is British colonial village. The Great house where restaurant is has time on clock tower 5:10p - a cocktail hour for British colonials.

The name is inspired by the painting LaSource of French artist Jean Ingres. A female figure pouring the wine means beginning of life. You can see it on the decorations everywhere and in the tiles outside. To ensure total relaxation, there are no TV's in the resort.

Rooms are great, superbly decorated in British colonial style, and bathrooms are huge and marble. However, bathrooms sink was a little bit high and bath tub has too much marble around it, and you have to watch your step getting in and out. They have dryers, of course, and robes. All rooms have fairly good size balconies facing the beach. We had oceanfront room. The robes are for wearing to the treatments, because some oils might stain your clothes. The beach is beautiful, but it is a bit hilly, and the sea is open, so there is quite a surf. Also, beach is not shallow, couple of feet and it is deep. If you are not afraid of surf, it is great for swimming, or you can use 2 huge pools which are connected by waterfall. One pool is 4 ft deep, another is deeper. Pools and hot tub are adjacent to the terrace.

On the beach, if you need a drink, there are flags, and you just stick it in the sand. The bar attendant will come up and take your order.

The food was excellent and healthy, with 1 or 2 selections of lighter choice. The breakfast (British style), is buffer or you can order continental breakfast in your room. The lunches were the best, very creative, but dinners were good too, very well prepared and presented. But, there is only one restaurant for dinner and it starts at 7:30p. We are early eaters and did not have a problem, but we saw people who came at 8:30 had to wait (they sit you at the piano bar next door and will call). The service was good, and very attentive. Except for one time when they mixed up our order. Afternoon tea is from 4 to 6 PM with cucumber sandwiches, pastries and peanut butter sandwiches (for Americans? ). There are 2 bars with drinks available all day and evening but not 24 hours. One is terrace bar and another - piano bar. They also make great non-alcoholic drinks like banana daiquiri ), fruit punch, and others. The atmosphere was very relaxed, sometimes subdued.

Treatments: for 6 days we've been there the following treatment were scheduled for us:

  1. hair care - seaweed is applied to scalp after washing and revitalizing lotion. It is left for 10 min., then washed off.
  2. Salt loofah rub - rub sea salt with loofah into skin, then it washes off.
  3. Massage (about 30 min.).
  4. Aromatherapy - detailed, 1 hot massage with eucalyptus oil. That was the best. You leave oil for 2 hours, then wash off. The effect almost euphereal.
  5. Facial with seaweed mask,
  6. Foot massage (not reflexology). You can also schedule seaweed wrap (if you have normal blood pressure), it has like sauna effect. They cover you up with seaweed and wrap in electric blanket and leave you sweat. All toxic wastes come out with a sweat. This is extra, but included in price.

Also, another extra is couple massage, 1 hour, we took it. They teach you massage each other, also inclusive. An extra fee is a 3 hour detailed massage (I think $70 us), manicure/pedicure and other.

The treatments were great, and it is one of the reasons we chose LS and were not disappointed.

Sports: gym, aerobics, 2 tennis courts, water aerobics, 6 hole 3 par golf course, archery, fencing, jogging, walking (with guides), volleyball, badminton, Ping-Pong, stretch classes.

The instructors are called bodyguards. Water sports: snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, sunfish, windsurfing.

In addition to this, there are relaxation classes: yoga, tai-chi, zen - Japanese meditation, energy management, was first class.

Beach: Brochure mentions c/o beach. That's was a disappointment for us. True, this beach is very secluded, between 2 cliffs, very beautiful. You just have 2 walls and a sea, like in movie. Bad news: IT IS NOT FINISHED YET!! So, for all of you c/o fans, forget about it for now! LS is a very new resort and will be 1 year old in December and they are still working on it. Nude sunbathing is prohibited in Grenada, but they still want tourists and that's why LS got away with it. The government closes his eyes as long is not in public place. As result c/o beach was put on the last item of their priority list (along with gazebo for meditation up in the mountain), and alas..

They plan soon to clean up garbage and make a path /shortcut so guests could get there faster. For now to get there, you have to walk around resort, it took us 11 min., via a dirt road and woods with cactuses. In future, it will be closer, and they will clean up garbage. But, they said, since it is secluded and they will not supervise it, they will not put lounges there, because, they will be stolen right away.

All beaches in Grenada are public and they can't block the beach. So, comparing this beach with GL's beach in Jamaica where we spent our pervious 4 vacations, GL wins in this respect. As for topless sunbathing, no problem. Europeans do it all the time. Of course, George said what's is there for me?

Clientele: Mostly European with majority British. For some reason they complained that there are too many Americans. Some Germans, sometimes Japanese and other people whose language we did not understand. We were surprised to see kids. They do allow kids! It was drawback but even kids were supervised fairly well by parents or baby-sitters and were small but I can imagine at vacation time you can see them more. There is not much to do for them...

Generally the atmosphere was nice and the people were pleasant. Somehow we did not feel like socializing, but it is easy to make friends, if you want to.

One time in a week there is manager's cocktail party, as everywhere. The staff is very eager to please, and we thought in general Grenadians are friendlier than Jamaicans. They are more efficient and faster. Our room was always cleaned up by 10am, and the bed turned down after dinner. They give you 2 beach towels every night , and you use them during the day. If you need extras, stop by at housekeeping station and towel s were always available. The same with robes.

As for location, make sure to ask room closer to the beach. (oceanfront, it is more expensive but worth it). The farthest rooms (oceanview) are also on the hill and people complained that it is hard to walk up and down al the time.

Tours are extra from a tour company which has an office at LaSource. A 4 hours trip was $35 per person up to 8 people. We took a private tour - got a car with a driver/guide (local taxi) for $20 per hour for a car. And he showed us St. George, took us up to mountain to see rainforest and waterfall. It was beautiful. The island is very pretty. People are poor, of course, trying to sell you things, but thank you will do. They don't insist. In Jamaica they are more pushy. And, surprise, nobody offered us drugs!

Because probably we were at health resort?

I think I covered most of the info. If you are looking for a R&R in a beautiful place, you will like it. But not too much of a entertainment and parties.