Grenada / Jamaica: LaSource - Grand Lido Compared by Sophia Kulich

Since many people asked me how do we compare both resorts, LaSource and Grand Lido, I will try to compare them, although they are a little bit different.

  1. Location/island. Both islands - Jamaica and Grenada are beautiful. Grenada is much smaller. Actually, Grenada consists of 3 islands: Grenada, Carricacou and Petit Martinique. LaSource is located at Grenada itself, next to Pt. Saline International airport, at the southernmost point of the island. GL is located in 1.5 hour bus ride or 15 min. plane ride from MBJ airport, which creates constants discussions between those who prefer 'scenic ride' and 'scary flight' . Well, folks, no such problem at LS - it is 5 min. from airport, you can even jog there. And, they don't have vans or buses: LS transfers guests in limo, what a great way to start vacation! On the way to LS we rode in stretch white limo, on the way back in Lincoln Continental. For location and transfers, LS scores 1. And, the airplane noise did not bother us. I think planes fly about 1 in 2 hours, but we did not hear them.
  2. People. We thought Grenadians are much friendlier than Jamaicans. They say hello and smile even they do not try to sell you something. If they do try to sell, they are not pushy as Jamaicans. That's why we ventured out of hotel to see the island. In GL we prefer to stay inside resort. And, surprise, nobody offered us drugs!. Grenada wins.
  3. Grounds/Resort. Both resorts have very nice grounds. Decorated differently. LS is in British Colonial style. GL? (Roman style? help me). Of course, LS is brand new and looks like it. LS has 40 acres, but they are hilly. GL is flat and easier to stroll. A tie.
  4. Beach. GL wins. A main beach in GL is shallow, in LS is deep. GL is located in a bay and it's calm. LS is in the open sea and has surf. We did enjoy swimming there, it was fun with a big waves, but for non-swimmers it will a major drawback. Both beaches have enough shade and approximately the same size. If you like to float on a mat, forget LS. C/o beach - LS did not finish his yet, but potential is there. It is more secluded than GL, but there are no rooms there. You really have to walk there. They are building a shortcut path to it. For now we had to go around the resort about 10 min. to get there. It is really secluded! For details, see my LS report. At LS beach toplessness is OK. Pool is better at LS (I am not considering GL c/o pool). Actually, there are 2 pools, the most gorgeous we've seen. Hot tub next to it. So, you figure, GL scores here.
  5. Clientele. LS has mostly Europeans, GL has more Americans. GL has 99% couples, in LS you will see families with adult children, mother/daughter, solo people who came down for R&R - not romance (we met 1 girl from Japan who came just for R&R), and, surprise (at least for us) - kids! They do accept kids. Of course, they were mostly preschoolers and well supervised by parents or babysitters but, you might see them more on holidays, when kids are out of school. There is not much for them to do. Don't get me wrong, we like kids, but when we go alone, we don't want to see other kids around. People were friendly and easy to make conversations, but atmosphere lacks GL's camaraderie on c/o beach. I would say, it similar to GL's main beach when people polarize more. Anyway, for certain reasons socializing was not our list this time. We chatted here and there, but did not feel we had to commit themselves with constant socializing, like going together for dinner, tour, etc. It is hard for me to jump to conclusions, but I think we have much warm feelings for GL.
  6. Staff, service. We found LS staff more efficient in general and friendly. GL's staff is getting friendlier only when you know them. LS staff was friendly to everybody. Housekeeping was doing great job. By 10am room was already done, and after dinner the bed was turned down. As for service on the beach, there are flags and you stick them in the sand. The waiter comes to take your order. Of course, they move with island time, and if you are really thirsty, you would faster to go yourself. But, you do not depend on Hortense's mood . They leave you 2 large yellow towels for a beach, and you use them throughout a day. If you left them, you can get new ones at the housekeeping station. They were always available. The same with robes, which people wear to treatments and everywhere at the resort (not for dinner, of course!). Continental breakfast in room was delivered on time. In GL service varies, for example, at Piacere is excellent, Pasta's terrible and Lido and buffet OK. I would rate LS's OK, very good, but not white glove service. More casual.
  7. Food. GL has more variety, 24 hour service, 3 restaurants for dinner. More food, long buffets, ice sculptures, grand buffet where they brag how many chicken were killed and how much eggs GL guests consumed for a week.. LS does not emphasize on food. Although, food was excellent at LS and there are more healthy choices, and very well prepared, seasoned, there are no so many choices, which right now I think, too much at GL.

Breakfast - LS had the same British buffet breakfast every day with roasted potatoes, tomatoes, porridge, poached eggs, fried eggs, sausage, ham, bacon, scrambled eggs. Another station had fruit juices, fruit, yogurt, cereals. Third station had Croissants, 1 variety of muffins, 2 variety of danishes. very tasty. We especially liked nutmeg jam and guava jam. I bought for home. But, in GL there are French brioches, bagels, lox, smoked fish, eggs benedict, omelettes made to order. For gluttons like me, GL breakfast is more appealing. For George, he was happy with porridge and poached eggs.

Lunches: I liked LS's lunches more. They are more creative, more vegetarian dishes and every day were different. One day was international, another oriental (with sushi and nigiri salad), next day Mex/South American (we did not care about this, too spice, but I loved cuesadias stuffed with mushrooms. Paella was also delicious, pasta dishes very good, Salads very fresh. Separate station with deserts - plenty. Afternoon tea is the same as in GL.

Dinner: GL has more choices. LS has only one restaurant. No dress code, but they suggest casual elegant. No need for shoes and jacket/tie. Some people even dined in shorts. They suggest moderate eating. Food is not that heavy as in GL, and I never had that heavy feeling later. 4 selection of appetizer/soup/salad, 4 selection of main entree, and 4 selection of dessert. Almost all entries were excellent. See my LS report. It is hard to compare food, but, again, we enjoyed LS food, I think, more. It does not make you thirsty like in GL. Maybe different cuisine. One night was Caribbean buffet, but nothing special there. I think food is healthier at LS. If you want variety with 24 hr service, GL wins. Otherwise, quality of food in general is better at LS.

8. Drinks. There are 2 bars at LS. GL has, I think, 5. LS has terrace bar and piano bar. All drinks are the same, wine and champagne is served with dinner and lunch. Non-alcoholic drinks are tasty, they swirl fruit in blender, juices, non-alcoholic daiquiris. Quality is the same in both, but, again, 24 hour service (who needs it) in GL and more places where to get a drink.

9. Sports. LS wins here. In addition to all sports at GL, LS has 6 hole 3 par golf course. No carts, but the 'bodyguards' (they call social directors and instructors bodyguards) will carry your clubs. They also jog or walk with you outside of resort if you want. Plus LS has fencing, archery. Water sports are the same.

10. Spa. That's why we choose LS. Relaxation, meditation classes were top-notch. We attended zen-japanese meditation, tai-chi, yoga, stress management and energy channeling classes. Treatments were great. See my LS report. GL has manicure and pedicure, at LS it is extra. But all massages and treatments (every day one or more) are included. I think it is more important.

11. Rooms. LS has larger rooms than GL, superbly decorated. Baths are also huge, marble. They have robes in the room. LS has also walk-in closet. But it is not a priority for us. All rooms face a beach. We had oceanfront. All rooms have good size balconies like patios at GL, with 2 lounge chairs and 1 table. Nice to have breakfast. But, GL has French door directly going on the beach. In LS you have to go around the same way you would walk out from GL's front door. Building is at the same distance from the water as at GL. I think the reason they have balconies is because of security. They do not patrol the grounds (probably no need to), because, except occasional very polite peddlers on the beach, we were never bothered. But beaches in Grenada are public and they can't block access like they do in Negril. Anybody has right to walk on this beach. So, I would give a tie here.

12. Entertainment. GL wins. LS has piano bar (no karaoke), with piano players and sometimes vocalist singing. Every night some local band plays at the terrace. But, there are a lot's of mosquitoes at night, plus after late meal and full day of treatments and exercises, we just walk a little and went to the room. We did not see any hot tub people at night. It was much more subdued than GL.

13. Social directors and "bodyguards" were great. We met some of those kids who reminded us of Sean a lot - a lot of fun. That's it for now. I hope I gave you overview.

Now, we are in shape for GL April visit! But if you are going to try something different, you cannot go wrong with LS. It lacks ambiance, white glove service, 24 hour food and drinks, but how much can you drink and eat?

Oh, one more point - price - it is a little bit less than GL. It would cost approximately $3200 for 2, and GL about $3600. (It is hard to say because they have anniversary special in Nov.).

And, other thing what GL has and LS does not - the "M/Y Zein."