Well, back again to Cold Wisconsin. Spent 17 days on St. John. Had a variety of weather, those hot steamy days, windy days, rainy days, and the high surf from hurricane Lily. All typical October weather. Happy to report that Pusser's has re-opened. Totally new staff, same pain killers! Asolare opened on Nov 1 (the day we left), as did Caneel Bay. The island looks really good. No hurricane damage to be seen. The former Hyatt, now the Great Cruz Bay Hotel, has yet to open. Scop Bank seems not to know what to do with it.

We ate out alot. there is a new restaurant, La Tapa, where ice cream parlor used to be, next to police station, is great. Serving Spanish TAPAS, light appetizer fare, that is usually eaten family style, has great selection, good service and interesting location (right on the street). Spent Halloween at Morgan's Mango, along with all the costumed wait staff and neighborhood kids. Was great - food was fantansic. Lime Inn was experiencing it's first crowds since last season. First time we got in on shrimp feast night without having to wait. All the businesses have been suffering from lack of tourists. A shame, cause the island wasn't hit that bad. No tourists at all in Sept. As they say at the Barricuda Bistro - bring more tourists to St John! We love 'um.

I don't think I have ever seen the island more green and colorful. I know I've never seen more rainbows! It was spectacular. We stayed at our new villa, which is 725 ft above sea level overlooking Jost and Tortola. A view to die for! We will be putting in a pool and remodeling it this winter, so will be on island for 3+ months. Now that sounds alot better than Wisconsin! (except for the Packers!) Cable TV is still struggling to re-cable the island. We have it at Morningside Villa, but not at the new one.

Some one should get satelite TV there! What a market! We worked alot on this trip, but did get to Trunk, Cinnamon and Francis Bays. All were empty with just a few tourists. The Cruise ships were starting to bring people over, especially on Wed (Norway) and Thurs (7 ships in STT). More touring of the island and less dropping off at Trunk to stomp the snorkel trail! Le Chateau de Bordeaux is running full swing, so is Woody's. 2 ends of the restautant spectrum! Had great pasta at Cafe Roma (as usual), and super BBQ at Uncle Joes. Spent a day at Jost at the Soggy Dollar Bar eating flying fish sandwiches and drinking the original PainKillers. a great trip - too soon over!