All you've ever wanted to know about the Dutch.


The information contained herein is meant to educate, enlightened and generally add a bit of spice to what you might already know about the dutch...most if not all of the material was taken from the third edition of "The Undutchables", written by Colin White & Laurie Boucke and published originally by White Boucke publishing of Colorado, U.S.A. ISBN 0-9625006-3-1 and available in english in most bookstores in Europe and North America.

Buying a copy of this book will surely put a smile on your face.

Here's what some leading Newspapers had to say about it.

"....a sometimes funny, sometimes scathing protrayal of (Dutch) national habits"

"The perfect book to carry home in multiples for all who want to know what it;s really like to live here"

"....a kind of laughing mirror. (Dutch) readers can only laugh as they concede their ridiculous habits with a spasmodic smile.

"In a very exact yet funny way,(this book) discloses all the secrets about us that we really would have preferred to keep to ourselves."

If you want to learn more about the dutch,"THE UNDUTCHABLES" is indeed a wonderful source to begin and can be bought at practically all major bookstores, at least the ones who know a good book when they see it.

"THE UNDUTCHABLES", ISBN 0-9625006-3-1, written by Colin White and Laurie Boucke and published by WHITE-BOUCKE Publishing, is reasonably priced at US$12.50. There is also a dutch language version of the book

Visit also the official homepage of "The Undutchables"... for more information.

If you are unable to get a copy you can contact the publishers at this address

P.O. Box 400
Lafayette, Co 80026

Due to copyright problems However, I was forced by the server to remove most of the material from "The Undutchables"...Excerpts of the book,though drastically reduced, can still be seen on these pages. This is in keeping with the wishes of the publishers.

The following is a list of the chapters to be found in version 3.01

1. Introduction: (The way the text books sell it)
2. Getting acquainted
3. Public Transport
4. A Dutch Home
5. A Growing Concern
6. Children 7. Cinema
8. Money (On Gulden pond)
9. Uitkering (Welfare, the Dutch work ethic)
10. Met Wie (Identification & Telephone habits)
11. The National Passion (Discussion,Debate,Complaint,Protest, Appeal...)
12. Rules for Shopping
13. Driving
14. On Dutch Customs
15. Bikes,Dikes, Flags & Fags
16. The Dutch Language
17. Food for Thought (Culinary Character)
18. Sex'N Drugs and Rock 'N roll
19. The Flying Dutchman (The dutch abroad)
20. Another Brick in the Waal (1995 floods in Holland)


The UnDutchables is written in a humorous style, based mainly on the authors' combined 22-year sojourn in The Netherlands.

The UnDutchables was the first book to both humorously and mercilessly expose many of the odd characteristics of the Dutch. Other authors and publishers have attempted to copy the style and spirit of the book, but none have succeeded in capturing the delightful and hilarious feel of this book.

Below is a short excerpt from the Book:

"For those of you arriving by plane from distant lands, a word of advice. Having entered the country and adjusted to the barometric pressure prevalent below sea-level (jet-lag withstanding), you'll undoubtedly want to view the windmills, tulips, cheese markets and canals. Water and horizontal hills abound. So do sex shops. And yes,you'll see your share of wooden shoes and Frisian cows. These touristattractions can be exhausted within a day or two.

....The Dutch appear a friendly lot: kind, polite and helpful to tourists. They love to talk about their country and to provide any directions or information you may require. Their fascination with things foreign--products, attitudes, ideas, customs, language, etc.--is impressive and flattering. The Dutch reputation for tolerance is all too apparent to the foreign visitor. But do not let this image fool you--it changes drastically if you stay long enough to be regarded as PART OF THE SCENE. The longer you stay, the deeper you sink into it.

They also seem to be caught up in the cycle of endless envy. They cannot free themselves from feelings such as, "If you are sitting, then I should be sitting, too!" They are extremely jealous of each another's possessions and keep a constantly updated mental inventory of what their neighbours, relatives and colleagues have. But they are also a very giving people when it comes to charities and other causes.

OPENESS. You can put it to the test by discussing intimate and shocking topics with them that you would probably never dare speak about with any other nationality. What may strike you as being blatantly blunt topics and comments are no more embarrassing or unusual to the Dutch than discussing the weather.

A cloggy's (Dutchman's) prize possession is the Bicycle. It may be a 15-speed, ultra-light, racing model or a rusty old third-geneneration job..."