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Below is a number of submissions which have been made about personal trips to different Caribbean resort areas...If you think you could share in writing, a bit of your experience while on vacation in the Caribbean why not drop me a line by email so that your submissions can be added to these pages. You are allowed to write in your own language of course, but english is preferred.

Please note that the submissions you are about to read are acredited to the persons who wrote them and is used here solely as a means of providing what I think is useful information about the caribbean as a destination area.

Viewers are advised to best download the information for later reading, provided no material contained in this document is plagurized or used for financial gain.


Anguilla by Joe Gavula

Antigua: Jumby Bay by Mike Beloit

Aruba by Steve Cannon

Barbados by Craig Walford

British Virgin Island" Tortola explored by Mike Mellum

Bahamas: San Salvador island revisited by Charles houston

Grenada by Sophia Kulich

Grenada explored by susan Gilpin

Grenada / Jamaica: LaSource - Grand Lido Compared by Sophia Kulich

Jamaica: Hedonism and Negril examined by Jim Jordon

Jamaica: Hedonism by Michael Sharp

Jamaica: Swept Away by Harold Bagnetto

Saba by Joe Gavula

St. Barths by Jamie Gavula

St. Maartin by Jill Crompton

St. Maartin on The Cheap by Steve Siguaw

Bonaire Diving by Phil Carta and Jenny Darby

Diving on the Caribbean Explorer by Phil Carta and Jenny Darby

Jamaica: Negril by John Martinez

Jamaica: swept Away Negril by Kira Perdue

St. John by Linda Tuffey

St. John reviewed by Brad Davidson

St. Lucia by Tom Altstiel

About our Contributors

In this document, Jenny Darby and Phil Carta provide travel information focusing on diving in the St. Martin, St. Kitts, Saba area as well as Bonaire. They are associated with Caribbean Adventures and you can contact them at Caribbean Adventures, 10400 Griffin Road, Suite 303, Ft.Lauderdale, FL 33328 -- (800-934-DIVE). The material is copyrighted and all rights are reserved

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