Saba by Joe Gavula

We survived the plane landing (very short runway) and arrived in Saba staying 2 nights at Captains Quarters - a very nice and neat, lush landscaping, beautiful view and very relaxing. There was a pretty pool with a great view and patio. We liked our large room and 4 poster bed - was surprised by the TV and minibar - the minibar was reasonable priced and convenient - great for waking up thirsty in the middle of the night.

The weather was great - it rained one time in the night but was clear and sunny the rest of the time. We walked around early Saturday morning but was a little too early as most shops were still closed - we met a medical student from Montserrat who was checking out Saba - she didn't like Montserrat at all but was very interested in Saba's medical school and was delighted with Saba.

Unfortunately, I'm not blessed with strong ankles and good balance, I missed a step and fell on my foot and that was the end of my exploring in Saba - I was disappointed not to be able to hike Mt. Scenery - however, it was great just to be there so I sat and watched all the comings and goings around me. We were there over Halloween and were able to see lots of tricker treaters - listen, they do some serious Halloween costumes - young and old! The medical students were fixing up a haunted house for the kids.

Captains Quarters had a barbecue Sat night which was really good and then most people were going to a Halloween party at Guidos later.

Everyone was extremely nice, pleasant and helpful - one of our taxi drivers had been to OK to fish at Lake Texoma - smaller world than you think.

While we didn't really do much we had a great time - Saba is very beautiful, quiet, peaceful and relaxing. The cottages and gardens are picture perfect with lush green surroundings - just beautiful.

On the plane ride back to St. Martin, there were a few photographers hired by the government of St. Maarten to photograph Saba, Statia and St. Maarten - they talked the pilots into circling the island so the could get more photos. Really fun and beautiful to see from the air. ONE WORD OF CAUTION: the Captains Quarters Special (from the bar) - it is a great drink that goes down smoothly and then knocks your socks off! - I had two before dinner. Boy, I wish I had one now!

We found Saba well worth the effort to see - it's a whole other time and place.